Are there challenges in your life that you want to change, be it a physical ailment, an emotional stress, a relationship issue, financial difficulties or a negative tendency toward life? Is there something in your life that you really want but no matter how hard you try to get it, you just cannot seem to receive or achieve it?

These challenges are indications of the beliefs and thoughts that your subconscious is holding. The key is to be able to look beyond your challenges to identify and reprogram these subconscious beliefs and, thus, create a new way of experiencing life.

The way to do just this is through a powerful and profound technique called ThetaHealing®.

ThetaHealing® addresses your subconscious beliefs and thoughts and enables you to identify your deepest root beliefs that are not supporting what you consciously desire in your life. These subconscious beliefs influence your reactions, your behaviours and the people and situations you attract into your life. These root beliefs may be a fear, past trauma, regret, resentment, a genetic belief or an old belief from childhood that was once protecting you. Once these root beliefs are identified, using meditation, your natural intuition and Source energy, the beliefs are cleared and reprogrammed with a belief that supports you. Your issue will be gone and you will experience life in a new way. It is that simple and that profound.

I have been practicing this modality for 10 years and have seen and experienced many changes in all areas of life using this technique.

One client I worked with was a young man who was on a downhill spiral. He was drinking heavily, was depressed and felt stuck. After just one session, he stopped drinking, began writing and set out to make writing his career. He no longer felt stuck or depressed.

A woman I worked with recently, had contracted bronchitis every winter since she was a child. She felt a shift during her first session but it wasn’t until this winter that she knew what that meant. She did not get bronchitis at all this winter or a cold of any kind.

Personally, I use ThetaHealing® every day. I used it to physically heal a Morton’s Neuroma (swollen nerve) in my foot that kept me from walking more than 20 minutes without pain. One of my children, at a young age, would push me away and I felt a strain between us. After releasing trauma from my pregnancy with him, that strain has disappeared and his interactions with me have become very loving and inclusive. I use ThetaHealing® to release stress when I feel overwhelmed. I use it with my children to heal their physical and emotional pain.

After experiencing ThetaHealing®, you will feel lighter and you will notice a change within you. To learn to do ThetaHealing® for yourself is magical as you can use it in so many ways to help yourself, your family, friends and animals. Anyone can learn this technique. No experience or special talents are required, only an open-mind and a willingness to learn.

Patty Chevalier Samm is a Certified Natural Health Pracitioner, Medical Intuitive, ThetaHealing Instructor and Reiki Master. Patty offers healing sessions in person and over the phone and is available at Planet Botanix in Ottawa and in Chelsea, QC. Patty, also, teaches introductory healing workshops and practitioner certification courses. Contact Patty at (819)230-6199 or You can visit her website at