Bhutan: Gross National Product? Happiness!

Bhutan is one of the few remaining parts of the world which is relatively untouched by mass tourism. This is deliberate. In 2017 there were only about 62,000 western tourists (approx 1500 were Canadian). This, along with other measures, is to help preserve the Bhutanese culture.
In a mass-produced world, this means many items are hand made – actually the gov recently instituted a law that all furniture in Bhutan is to be made in Bhutan (which means hand carved). 
Another rule that the Bhutanese government has enacted is that if the citizen work in the government or tourism (or if they are a student) they must wear the national dress, made from beautiful textiles, sometimes woven, with intricate patterns. 
The government works in many different areas to preserve their culture.They say meditation*increases our positive emotions like happiness and more calm. Imagine immersing yourself in the monasteries which have been filled with the vibration of monks chanting for over 400 years! This has created these unique buildings that are so filled with this vibration that you can often move into your mediation quite quickly and without effort. Bhutan is centered in the Himalayan mountain range, and as such, is filled with prana (energy).Imagine practicing yoga with a view of the Himalayas. Imagine travelling to a country where Gross National Happiness is a priority for all of their citizens. Imagine meditating in monasteries that are centuries old. This can be a reality by joining us on our 9 day tour to Bhutan.This all inclusive tour starts from the time you land in Bhutan until you fly out 9 days later. We practice various types of yoga (Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, Restorative and Nidra) and meditation daily, as well as touring through Bhutan.This TRULY is “the trip of a lifetime” and only available to 12 people in September, 2019. Need any more encouragment? Book before the end of November, 2018 and receive 5% off!Contact Heather at, Janice Varuna Soderholm 
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