Igniting the bonds that ​connect ​our best selves


Crystale Boisvert is a certified yoga teacher and mindfulness facilitator with over 7,000 hours of teaching experience. She is a 7th degree Reiki Master, with additional training in other forms of energy medicine including Tibetan practices and massage. She offers private, couple and group energy therapies and emotional intelligence coaching. Combining all of her training, experience and expertise Crystale has created a well grounded and interactive new form of energy work called Sacred Touch, which is a combination of energy work, breathing techniques, visualization, mantras, guided meditation, intuitive guidance and emotional intelligence. 

Recently she has created a self-love ritual through her adoration of tea and water.  Crystale has cherry picked from all of the tools she has learnt the last decade, to offer something unique and experiential.  This service assists her clients in establishing a daily mindfulness practice, that incorporates awareness of the senses, the light body, mantras, visualization as well as deepening our attention to the feeling body, manifestation and self-realization. It is of course guided, with an energy exchange and taught through intuitive understanding that everyone is different and each tea ceremony will be unique.Crystale is available for sessions Mondays between 6pm and 9pm.


To book an appointment with Crystale, please call Planet Botanix at (613) 567-4444.