James Hollingworth in Ottawa offering energy healing sessions for alternative healing

Energy Healing Is My Passion


James Hollingworth is an Energy Healing Practitioner and the proud owner of Ottawa Energy Healing. Normally working out of his home in Munster, Ontario, James is excited to offer private sessions at Planet Botanix to his clients living in the downtown Ottawa area.

He performs both private and distance sessions and also offers distance attunement courses to assist others with self- healing and spiritual development.


Benefits of Energy Healing Include:

• Decreases stress, anxiety and depression
• Relieves physical pain and discomfort
• Improves mental clarity and focus
• Promotes healthy sleep patterns
• Increases vitality and stamina
• Restores self confidence
• Enhances intuition and creative thought



What should I expect?

James Hollingworth performing energy healing near ottawa client laying on table

During sessions, James combines multiple energetic modalities to facilitate healing on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Private Sessions  include Crystals, Reiki and Archangel Healing.


Additional Training:

• Usui Shiki Ryoho RM

• Angel Therapy Practitioner®

• Crystalogy© Crystal Healing MP

• Integrated Energy Therapy® AP

• Sekhem MP


James is available at Planet Botanix on Fridays from  6pm to 9 pm.


To book an appointment, please email James or call Planet Botanix at (613) 567-4444.