Just like most people, I began to explore my gifts using different tools. I felt I needed assistance connecting with the ether world around me.

Along my discoveries, I realized that some of these tools were not for me. To give you an idea, I experimented with automatic writing, the pendulum, the oracle cards, various techniques to clean my energy, and many more. Through all this, the only tool I still use today is the tarot cards, but only to accompany my channeling abilities rather than following the cards blindly.

As I often mention, it took me a while to trust my capacities and to realize that my main tool is my body. After a while, I understood that I should stop looking for tools outside of myself, and focus on my inner knowledge. Once I focused on myself and the clues my body was giving me, I started developing my gifts rather quickly.

It’s at this same time that I began wondering what could have a negative influence on my body, and thus on my gifts. I had read somewhere that Doreen Virtue had stopped eating chocolate ice cream because of the chemical components (it impaired her abilities to see clearly and connect). This information catapulted me towards a series of questions to pinpoint the elements that could weaken my own gifts.

I tried to be vegetarian, vegan, alcohol-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free…!

These are my conclusions (keep in mind that you might have different needs):
Food has no impact on my channeling abilities, but rather on my body. My gifts don’t disappear if I eat chips! However, I feel physically uncomfortable and my mind is foggy when I do. Therefore, my attention is drawn towards my discomfort, and I miss out on certain information and I channel less accurately.

For me, consuming gluten, alcohol and dairy products tend to make me feel like crap. Since I channel Spirits much better when I feel great, I reduced my consumption quite a bit. It doesn’t mean that I deprive myself (good food is one of life’s finest pleasures, after all), but I am more careful when I know I’m going to work the next day. To be honest, I enjoy my work so much that it’s not a big sacrifice for me to change my diet in order to connect more fluidly.

I do believe that food can have a variable impact on people’s gifts. Even though I find that food affects my body (and in turn my ability to channel), Allison Dubois, an American medium, mentioned in one of her books that she drinks a lot of Dr. Pepper (gross) and eats junk food, without having any negative influence on her gifts.

Furthermore, I realized that conflicts, stress and fatigue also have a negative impact on my capacity to use my gifts. If I experience a conflict with somebody, my frequency is lower and it’s harder to connect with my divine team.

Therefore, I surround myself with luminous and positive people (as much as possible of course). However, since I cannot always control certain situations, when I am faced with a conflict, I make the conscious choice to evacuate the energy of the person or the situation as soon as I can. How do I do that, you ask? Here’s my trick: which I have been using for three years. I BREATHE INTO IT. Yes, I know that I sound just like a Nike commercial, but it works (Just do it… mouhahaha!):

1. First, I center myself and take a moment to feel my body, and if need be, bring back my consciousness (we are often floating around and dispersing ourselves)

2. Then, as I breathe in and out slowly, I connect on the emotion or on the person am I facing challenges with.

3. Once I have connected to it, I simply breathe into the emotion. I don’t try to justify or put words on my emotion, and I don’t control or repress anything, I just connect to it and I breathe. As I do this exercise, the emotion is released and I clean my light at the same time. Magic!

It takes a little bit of practice, of course. When I first started this exercise, it took me several minutes to evacuate an emotion or a residue. Now I can manage to release it within seconds. Also you don’t need to be in meditation mode to do this; you can do it in the shower, while driving (keep your eyes open, silly), while walking or even in a work meeting, to name just a few.
I am convinced that cleaning our energy has a very beneficial impact on everybody. When our energy is fluid and light, our capacity to perceive is multiplied tenfold and the information are more easily accessible.

Therefore, I invite you to ask yourself: What could have an impact on the wellbeing of your body, and therefore on your gifts?

If you need help to find out how you can explore your gifts and connect with your divine team, contact me for a private consultation!
Have a good week!