Bursera graveolens
100% pure, natural

(approx. 3 or 4  3.5″ sticks)


Palo Santo Sticks for Burning/Smudging

What is smudging? Smudging in a universal practice known to many religions all over the globe. Buddhist temples use incense sticks, Catholic churches use Frankincense, and Native Americans use sage, and traditional South American shamans used Palo Santo to cleanse and rid their environment of negative energies . The smoke is ‘washed’ over the person or object.

How do I smudge with Palo Santo? When smudging, put the material of choice in an abalone shell, clay pot, or any other non-combustible container (you can also carefully hold one end of the stick). Light one end of the Palo Santo stick(s) and allow it to burn for a few moments. Once the stick has a strong flame, fan out the fire; it is the smoke of the smoldering wood that you want.

Using your hand or a feather, spread the smoke all around yourself first, then fan the smoke over the object or person you are smudging. This clears negativity, cleanses, focuses and purifies that which is being smudged.

Why Use Palo Santo? Palo Santo literally translates to “holy wood”. The tradition of using the sacred wood stems from ancient Incan shamans who used Palo Santo cleanse and purify the air of negative energies and promote healing.


Ingredients: 100% pure dried Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) wood.

Caution: Burn in well ventilated areas and keep out of reach of children and pets

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