Medical Intuitive / Angelic Energy Healer & Channel / Lightbody Technician
At the age of ten, Amanda was contacted for the first time by the angelic interdimensional beings who would become her guides for this incarnation, and her contract to use her physical body to facilitate healing and awakening for human beings on Planet Earth during this Ascension period was officially activated. As the years progressed, Amanda was gifted with a series of progressive attunements that today allow her guides (who are members of a highly evolved group of spiritual masters called The Council of Ein Soph) to use her as an energy conduit, in service to whoever has requested her help. 
The process that Amanda follows with each client differs depending on your needs, and will be dictated by your Higher Self, but simply put, her unique talent lies in helping you to unravel the various aspects of your physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges, and to repair any resulting damage done to your soul (psyche), so that it can return to its natural state of resonance with your Higher Self. The usual sequence of events involves a free consultation by phone to see if Amanda is a fit to help you at this time, followed by a brief in-person Aetheric Activation Session that allows her to make the energetic link with you that will facilitate the rest of the healing process, followed by ongoing work together that aims to eliminate every facet of the difficulties that you are experiencing, through a combination of distance healing and relaying of channeled messages.
Thanks to a rigorous training course from her guides, Amanda is particularly talented at bridging the medical and spiritual to maximize the chances of permanent healing from conditions that have proven to be especially stubborn, mysterious, or painful. Amanda’s compassionate and caring nature and ability to hear what your Higher Self wishes to communicate creates an experience of ease, wonder, and even excitement for anyone who chooses to hire her.
Amanda sees clients for Aetheric Activation Sessions at Planet Botanix on Thursday evenings from 6 to 9 PM.