Saturday, April 28, 2018
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

☆Crystal Earth Magick Workshop Series☆ ~ with Mado

☆Full Moon Manifestations☆

☆Crystal Workshop & Meditation☆

  • Learn how to make Crystal Moon Nectar
  • Discover Lunar Crystal Cleansing
  • Begin programming crystals with Lunar cycles
  • Learn transcending techniques for Moon Meditations
  • Get in touch with your innate Lunar Divination powers
  • Know about herbs for Moon Rituals & Scrying
  • Explore your Lunar Astrology

Guided Lunar Meditation with live percussion by Mado & Hamid Ayoub

☆FREE Manifesting Crystals for every participant☆

This is a gender inclusive space. All identities welcome. ♡


$35 in advance through eventbrite or at Planet Botanix.

$45 day of event.

For any inqueries related to this event please contact Mado at