Friday, December 7, 2018
6:45 pm - 9:00 pm

 Fatima “Anastasia” Remtulla 
Life Coach, Colour & Sound Therapy, Therapeutic Healing Touch, ThetaHealing®, Harmonizing All Body Systems Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master
Holistic Soul Therapy in visual and non-visual vibrations of Colour & Sound

Summarizing the journey
Anastasia will share how the tools of colour and sound are used to help to understand oneself at a deeper level. The tools are a non-intrusive, self-selective system in which colour and sound are a key in bringing one’s being into a state of equilibrium. It increases self-awareness and creates a harmonious sense of comfort around and within oneself.

Listing the topics
Every molecule in our body is energy. Vibration allows the body on a deep cellular level including our DNA to become more open to light.

Describing the benefits
The colour and sound choices reflect personal needs and helps to find a truer understanding of one’s potential, bringing consciousness and insight from the soul level of one’s being into everyday life.

Sharing take-a-ways
Colour & Sound Therapy assist one to come to a new focus in one’s life, it helps to develop within one a higher level of consciousness. You will gain insight into why a specific symptom or emotional problem has appeared in your life and work to reach the point where you will no longer need it. These tools help to clear, cleanse and balance the body, by changing energy imbalances and stimulating the healing processes within your body, harmonize your body, mind and soul.


Gathering at back of store in teaching space WELCOMING WORDS
Honour Fee: $10 or more; CONTRIBUTE WHAT YOU CAN. 
Net proceeds go to for First Nations & Allies initiatives to restore the Ottawa River Watershed

Guest Presenter

7:50 PM 
Circle introductions: 1) name, 2) ONE information/skill set to offer tonight during integrative conversations, AND 3) info on upcoming community event or workshop. SHANGHAI RESTAURANT SNACKS!

8:40 PM

9:00 PM 
Closing Circle 

Venue Doors close

All participants abide by the Code of Conduct to ensure a safe environment, honouring free will & personal self-determination. 
For serious conditions consult a licensed medical professional.
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