Saturday, February 22, 2020
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Introduction to The Water Mindfulness Method Healing Power of Water & IntentionLevel 1 WHAT IS OUR INTENTION? To embody the essence of Well-being. WANNA KNOW HOW? �de0f You will learn how to strengthen your awareness of the now moment and enrich your life through your heightened attention to your 7 senses which increases deep sensual satisfaction, presence and mood. WHAT DOES WATER HAVE TO DO WITH IT? �df0a The average adult human is 50-65% water. So, when we work with water through the power of intention and ceremony, we’re working with our cells on a microscopic level. Together, we will have conscious, loving and transformative conversations with the billions of cells in our bodies!

Check out the Water, Consciousness & Intent Video by Dr. Masaru Emoto:
HOW IS THIS DIFFERENT THAN OTHER Meditations? �dd14 I am super excited in offering this practical mindfulness method that I call a Lifehack…I have been offering Meditation, movement, breathwork, energy practices, emotional intelligence and Tantra to the Ottawa Community for the last ten years and this method incorporates what I feel is a wholesome holistic approach to meditation that is simple to apply within your day to day life. It is one of those gifts that will continue to gift your life…�de4f

I have guided thousands of clients through my classes, workshops, one on one private sessions, and have amalgamated what has been the most impactful. I am also my own guinea pig and have tested these practices myself. They work and yet the only way to find out is to try it ♥️ WHAT WILL WE BE EXPLORING?
You will learn how to Integrate fear, shame, anxiety, depression, addictions and self-denial through the attitudes of self-awareness, self-care, self-respect, and surrendered trust. This method has assisted my clients in experiencing more contentment within the spectrum of emotions, feelings, day to day life while feeling more confident and clarity in facing challenges and grief.

Together we will explore the power of Affirming unique declarations and energetic breathing practices while holding and drinking water, which will help you to reprogram your body and mind by healing/activating cellular memories that contain past wounds, repressed emotions, toxic beliefs and patterns. It is basically remembering how to have a conscious conversation with the cells of your body so that your relationship is serving your overall health, vitality and energy. You will also be introduced to a journaling method that assist in offering you more clarity, focus and increases your overall sense of inner peace and ability to resolve most challenges, questions and blocks. You learn to be more of your own best friend… And it’s such an amazing state to be in..

Date: February 22 nd 2020
Time: 1-5pm
Investment: $111
Early bird : $97 (before February 7th 2020)

Your own tea mug, if you have a yoga mat, journal, pen and if you have a warm blanky 🙂

I will also be offering you a break so feel free to bring a snack, or you fast if you feel like that is something you feel inspired to do.

The method does involve movement (believe it or not 🙂 so you will have the chance to stretch and unwind often.

We have chairs for anyone who feels sitting on the ground might be much.

****I love to create an intimate setting and group so spots are limited, if you are curious to find out more or you are ready to sign up for the workshop you can contact me at

* You will have a chance to remix your beverage with lemon, hydrosols and tea (if you desire it 🙂

Looking forward in Connecting with you,