Ambreen Ihsanullah smiling head shot Intuitive Counselling and Spiritual Psychology Ottawa

Turning Your Roots Into Branches

(613) 421-9277

  Individuals, groups, families and couples welcome!


• Emphatic Intuitive Counselling

• Humanistic Holistic Integrative Spiritual Psychology

• Supporting you in getting to the root of the matter


Ambreen Ihsanullah, MEd brings seventeen years of Psychotherapy training in multiple modalities, energy and spiritual healing including Shamanic practice, therapeutaromatherapy and esoteric arts such as palmistry, astrology and numerology to personalized counselling sessions to meet your healing, personal growth and transformation requirements.

Ambreen is a passionate people person with a loving nature and an open heart and mind. From her early teens, people have talked openly to her about their most intimate issues— friends, acquaintances and strangers alike. People gravitate to Ambreen and intuitively she has always known how to support the individual on his or her journey. Teaching and counselling teenagers for over thirty years has kept Ambreen honest, self-reflective and increasingly empathetic about our humanity.

Ambreen is available for sessions Thursdays between 10am and 9pm.


To book an appointment please call Ambreen at (613) 421-9277 or Planet Botanix at (613) 567-4444.