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In Ayurvedic medicine, chakras are the energy centers of the body. Opening, healing and balancing these seven chakras promotes physical and emotional healing and improves the flow of energy throughout the body. Please contact the store to book an appointment, or click on the practitioners below to learn more.


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The following is written by Rena Jackson Guttridge and taken from the Canadian Association for Integrative & Energy Therapies’ website:


What are the Chakras?

Traditional teachings tell us that Chakras are both sacred and energetic centres that carry the life force. They provide and equip the energy body with both unity and transformation and as architects for the Soul create, then supply and sustain the frequencies in all of our energy body and levels of consciousness. In these functions, they are not and cannot be static and unchanging and the following portrayal based on valid healing practice shows that the Chakras have developed, realigned and transformed in line with an evolving awareness and rising consciousness.

The vibrant clusters of energy known as the Chakras are concentrated at strategic and specific locations in and around the body. Aligned to perfect geometric precision, they form a dynamic and evolving system related to the changes and developments in human and esoteric consciousness, yet they remain constant and unremitting in their capacity to support and sustain our life.

Vibrating in perfect harmony, they are self adjusting and each carry a set of principles and values specific to our emotional and physical well being. As a major part of our energy body they are reflective of and correspond with our physical and emotional health and energy on all levels.

They respond to disparity in human emotion and dis-ease but only in an attempt to rectify the disruption and imbalances and to encourage and promote healing. Their accuracy and alignment is part of a system that operates within the human body, the subtle energy body and beyond, therefore reaching frequencies that are outside of our basic consciousness and linking to the vast self regulating intelligence of cosmic and soul light. They close only as we approach death.

Each Chakra and energy centre holds a unique and distinctive range of principles, a set of ideologies that relate to human and emotional health. These principles offer sustainability and sustenance within each of their areas of remit and responsibility. However they are not individual in their action, each is constantly unified, amalgamated and dependent on the other for an interactive and supportive energetic programme.

Although self regulating, the Chakras can be stimulated, balanced, reordered and realigned by way of various forms of energy healing approaches and induction. By the same token they can become misaligned or distorted during episodes of stress, illness, mishap and sometimes even variations in our lives and health patterns, reflecting all that is present in our being physically and emotionally. Continuing good health and well being depends on these energy centres functioning in harmony and providing the human energy body with stability, balance and endurance.


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