The ThetaHealing® technique works on a conscious and sub-conscious level to improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. ThetaHealing® is used to heal pain and disease, reduce stress, release fears and past traumas and change belief structures that are limiting one’s life. This practice teaches you how to open your heart, focus your mind and co-create with unconditional love. Patterns and beliefs related to money, relationship, health, self-image, etc. can change instantly. Physical and emotional healing can occur instantly. Life can become more balanced and peaceful.

ThetaHealing® was discovered by Vianna Stibal, now a world renowned Medical Intuitive and Psychic. In 1995, Vianna discovered the direct link to the Creator’s energy, in the Theta mind state, while curing her own cancer. This led her to begin a life-long mission to heal and personally train others to use and teach this incredible energy healing technique.



Planet Botanix is proud to offer ThetaHealing® to the Ottawa and Gatineau area. Please read more about our certified ThetaHealing® practitioners below:


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