susie shapiro vocal sound therapy healing in ottawa near planet botanix joy graffitiLearn how to use your voice as a tool for transformation and healing!


Vocal sound therapy allows you to naturally process emotions and release tension, restoring balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. The vibrations you create with your voice resonate throughout your entire body, making you feel relaxed, centred, and energized. Vocal healing is beneficial for everyone, not just singers. Experiencing the authority of your own voice helps you to connect with your intuition and builds confidence.

Using a holistic approach, Susie tailors the sessions to each client’s individual needs, experience, and interests. Sessions include breath work and vocal exercises using a variety of techniques. Care is taken to protect the voice. Singing bowls and other instruments may also be used.

Therapeutic Songwriting: The process of songwriting can be profoundly cathartic and empowering. Regular clients are guided in creating their own mantras, prayers, and songs.

All levels of experience welcome!

Susie Shapiro is a multidisciplinary artist, singer-songwriter, and voice coach who is passionate about natural and creative methods for improving our lives.



To book an appointment with Susie, please call Planet Botanix at (613) 567-4444.