Anastasia - Intuitive Analysis, Transformational Healing, Sound & Colour Therapy

Anastasia smiling head shot Intuitive Healing Sound Colour Therapy Ottawa

Intuitive Analysis & Transformational Healing

Using coloured combinations of light, crystals, biodynamic botanicals and tuning forks…Responding to electro-chemical cellular reactions that the body is giving off creating blockages. She is able to go deep into an issue to the point of origin and release it from the body (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…) activating transformative energies that can bring more of your potentiality and totality into being.

Incorporating The Eastern Body, Western Mind concepts and various alternative therapeutic modalities focusing on universal principles that are effectively applied with careful consideration and understanding. Blockages show up as: Anxieties, migraines, joint aches, colds, fatigue, digestive issues, eczema, back problems, insomnia, emotional and nervous system disorders, hormonal imbalances, addictions, PTSD...


• “Anastasia” knows that grace is within us all and it comes from the purity of the heart. It has the ability to guide one and to fully enrich one’s life.

• Grace empowers us to make our own decisions, choices and finding our voice.

• Understanding that sometimes a shift is enough to change one’s life. Sometimes a glimpse into the invisible, the past, or the possible future, can encourage an exciting direction.  And sometimes seeing yourself more accurately (or lovingly) is enough to live as your true self.


The intuitive domain is an inexact science: destiny is shaped by the choices we make today.  Anastasia’s gifts can help you open your own abilities and destiny, encouraging you to open to something even more special—Grace.

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Anastasia is available for sessions at Planet Botanix on Saturdays from 10am-6pm.


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