Breathwork - Embracing Change | Thursday Sept 29th – Planet Botanix Ottawa

Breathwork - Embracing Change | Thursday Sept 29th

Change is the only constant in the Universe….

Please join me in Ceremony of Breath to work through past experiences, unresolved issues, and changes that bring pain, sadness, or resistance.
Breathwork is an active conscious breathing technique allowing our body deep cleanse. We detoxify 80% via our lungs. This could be any and all forms of detox including:
  • breathing waste
  • emotional residue
  • trauma
  • resistance to change
  • unhealthy mind pattern and behaviours
Our mind creates patterns which inform our physical and energetic body in controlled manner of ways to live our life. We breath the way we live and store experiences. Re-learning how to breath is to release those experiences, and release controlling mind patterns. Breathwork will inform you of possibilities to creat the life you want to live.
During the ceremony I will offer one breath translation. Opportunity to see a pattern, blockage or tension, and change in that pattern available to us with few guided breaths.
Before we breath you will be guided on a journey to embody “letting go” or “surrender” experience. The somatic knowing that your innate intelligence will guide you on throughout breath session. Your personal experience with breath is the most intimate relationship with yourself. You can further develop this relationship with practice.
Cost: $55
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