Breathwork: Integration | March 6 – Planet Botanix Ottawa

Breathwork: Integration | March 6

Shadow work or psychedelic journey require integration into the whole. Life events, healing, transitions, and transformations require graceful and complete integration too.
As an Integration Coach I often offer a practical approach to wholeness via guided breathwork session as a complete in itself ancient technology leading to self acceptance, expansion, DNA enhancement, and inner peace.
Whether you are in a transition in your professional or personal life, embracing changes can be difficult but also beautiful and conscious process of integration.
Breathwork is an active conscious breathing technique allowing our body deep cleanse. We detoxify 80% via our lungs. This could be any and all forms of detox including:
- breathing waste
- emotional residue
- trauma
- resistance to change
- unhealthy mind pattern and behaviours
Our mind creates patterns which inform our physical and energetic body in controlled manner of ways to live our life. We breath the way we live and store experiences. Re-learning how to breath is to release those experiences, and release controlling patterns in the mind. Breathwork will inform you of possibilities to creat the life you want to live.
During the ceremony I will offer one breath translation. Opportunity to see a pattern, blockage or tension, and change in that pattern available to us with few guided breaths.
Breathwork is a practice of “letting go” and “surrender” that can be somatic, energetic, and intellectual. Once we let go of breath guided by the ego, which is mechanical survival process, our innate intelligence will take over and guide on into altered state of consciousness known and the present moment. Your personal experience with breath is the most intimate relationship with yourself. You can further develop this relationship with practice.
Few comments from participants about breathwork experience:
- it was like 10 years of psychotherapy
- it was like Ayahuasca journey but I was fully in control/creation of my experience
- great tool to let go and learn surrender
- my late mother came in and I was finally able to say goodbye
- I never experienced this level of bliss
- I left my body and hovered over it, I felt no fear
- I was simultaneously here and in another dimension
- my whole family came over, we reconciled
- I could finally breathe fully once grief was released
- it was deep awareness of my blockages within and ability to shift them
- I experienced myself in past life
- etc…
Cost: $62 per person (includes HST) Etransfer to or $55 cash at the door.
No walk-ins are accepted.
When: Monday, March 6th
Time: 6:00-9:00pm
Where: Planet Botanix,
301 Bank street, Ottawa, Ontario
What to bring:
Yoga mat
Eye mask
Pillow if you like
Bottle of water
Most of all please bring open heart, curiosity and knowing that change is the only constant in the Universe.