Josh Brock - Exercise Therapist and Adaptive Bodywork (AB) Practioner – Planet Botanix Ottawa

Josh Brock - Exercise Therapist and Adaptive Bodywork (AB) Practioner

Movement Matters

Exercise Therapist and Adaptive Bodywork (AB) Practitioner

Josh is an Exercise Therapist and Adaptive Bodywork (AB) practitioner who has been working in the physiotherapy field for the last 3 years. He is currently pursuing his professional license for Structural Integration and advancing Adaptive Bodywork.


  • 6 Years as a certified personal trainer
  • 3 Years as an exercise therapist specializing in gait, balance and functional movements
  • Certified Adaptive Bodywork Practitioner
  • Certified Functional Patterns Human Foundations practitioner

What He Does

Through the use of manual treatment and therapeutic exercise prescription he seeks to restore balance to the bodily structure and efficiency in movement patterns.

  • With Adaptive Bodywork the goal is to re-align fascial system of the body, which gives the body support and shape.
  • Unlocking fascial tissue will help with musculoskeletal pain and improve movement capability.
  • Using Functional Patterns and other corrective exercise prescription improved overall quality of movement and proprioception.
Applicable for Athletes, daily life and any age. Everyone has room for improvement.

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Josh is available for sessions at Planet Botanix on Sundays from 11am-5pm.


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