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Gisele - Shamanic Energy Healer at Intuitive Awaken Medicine



Gisele is a Shamanic Energy Healer from The 8th Fire School. 




Shamanic healing has been around as far back as 10,000 years or more, and it is  practiced in most cultures around the world today.  Shamanic healers are seen as a community healer, healing the members of the community with whatever ailments they may be experiencing.  Ceremonies and/or practices, differ from each Shamanic culture, and some are based on lineage that has been passed down from generations.  


The common theme, that is shared amongst Shamanic Healer is their ability to restore the clients to it’s wholeness, that is, their energy, power, and soul parts.   As we go through life we’re exposed to a variety of experiences that shape us, whether that is positive or negative, and the impact that it has on us.  These life experiences can cause us to lose some of our soul parts, and we may not be unaware of it happening.  We may have a niggling feeling inside of us, yet not knowing what that is, or the feeling of being lost, confused, and not being totally in our body.  We sense something is missing, but we can’t seem to put a finger on it.  The loss parts of ourselves is the result of trauma, which can be anything from;


  • Abuse (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual)
    • Childhood abuse
    • Elderly abuse
    • Bullying
  • Violence
    • Rape
    • Robbery
    • War
  • Illness
  • Accidents
  • Abandonment
  • Rejection
  • Etc.


The traumatic event can be very shocking to the soul and the body.  Causing the soul to fragment, and some of these fragmented parts end up leaving the body as it no longer feels safe.  When healing a traumatic event, the healing process allows the client’s energy, the parts of their spirit, and power to return back to the body as healed.   There’s a time period set aside for rest and integration, usually one to two weeks for the body to fully integrate these healed aspect of their soul parts.  This is a transitional period, that the body goes through in resetting itself.  This happens at a cellular level and beyond, for example this involves the nervous system, the immune system, and so forth.  Rest, hydration, and awareness are an important part in the post healing sessions.  As there may be, a further release of emotions and/or other energy sensations. This is not a bad thing, actually this is good, because you’re becoming aware of the changes that are taking place.  There may be some uncomfortableness associated with these changes, and that’s okay, it’s part of the process, and it will eventually subside.


Not all soul parts are returned all at once, especially if there’s been numerous trauma. Those unreturned and unhealed parts of our soul, creates a gap within the remaining soul that’s already in our body.  This vulnerable gap can lead us to unhealthy copping mechanisms as we navigate our life, such as;


  • Addictions
    • Drugs
    • Alcohol
    • Shopping
    • Sex 
    • Social Media
  • Diseases
  • Behaviours
    • Defensiveness 
    • Anger/rage 
    • Jealousy
    • Negative thoughts
    • Self Sabotage
    • Indecisiveness
    • Controlling
  • Depression 
  • Anxiety 
  • Panic attack
  • Eating disorders
  • Feeling numbness
  • Dissociate
  • PTSD 
  • Etc.


An example of the types of ceremonies used in retrieving and healing missing soul parts are; 

  • Time Travel
  • Power Retrieval
  • Past Life Ceremony
  • Formless to Form 

Clients are able to be more connected with themselves in a healthier way.  There’s an increase in experiencing positive emotions and/or other types of positive emotions, perhaps they haven’t encounter before.  There’s also a sense of wanting to explore life more than ever before.


Conversely, we can be effected by other peoples energies, especially to those we had or have strong attachments to. These energies don’t serve us in a positive way.  This can cause us to feel heavy, tired, lethargic, where there’s no obvious reason to support why we feel so exhausted. There’s also weight gain associated with these attachments, especially if you were a care giver in the family. An example of the types of ceremonies used to remove these energies are; 

  • Extractions
  • Cord Cutting
  • Ancestral DNA Journey
  • Dark Forest Journey
  • Etc. 


Clients often feel that a weight has been lifted, they feel a sense of relief, and an overall increase in energy. Life flows more easily for them and they are able to make progress in their life.



I would highly recommend Gisele Patrice, Shamanic Healer.  I had a session with her in January 2021, I was experiencing excruciating lower back pain.  I couldn’t walk or sit, even lying down was uncomfortable. I only had one healing session with Gisele and it was miraculous.  I was able to walk that same day.  I was able to use a walking stick to move around the house, to cook, and to take a shower.  After a week and half I was able to returned to work. 


The first time I experienced this pain was in March 2020.  It took me 4 months to completely recover and it was after 1 month that I could walk with a walking stick.  After my healing session with Gisele, I felt that I didn’t need to take any medication, I trust my body to heal itself.  I sincerely recommend her.


Gabriel, Ottawa 


I had many sessions with Gisele over a number of years.  She is very compassionate and empathetic during my healing journey.  She’s never judgemental and she’s very open.  I feel safe in her care.  I would recommend working with her to bring peace in all areas of your being.


Sharon, Ottawa




Gisele is available for readings Friday's 6pm - 9pm startring in October