Oksana Strelbitsky - Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) and Shamanic Healing

Awakening Your Life Through Emotional Freedom and Shamanic Healing


Oksana is a Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) Practitioner and Shamanic Work Healing Facilitator who believes that every single one of us has a special gift that we were born with. Sometimes this gift is buried deep inside. And we live our life without being fully awake to it. We are stressed and busy and not particularly happy and we ask ourselves, what is the purpose? Is it all there is? My answer is, there is MORE. I would love to help you reconnect with your gifts and help you peel off the layers that keep you where you are. This world will be a better place when YOU are THRIVING.

Oksana Strelbitsky discovered EFT (Tapping) about 9 years ago. It has been a phenomenal tool in helping her to get to the root of her fears and insecurities and to make new choices. She took training with an EFT practitioner in 2013 and experienced its life changing powers first hand. She saw her life transform after processing her own traumas and fears. As a result, in 2014 she quit her safe government job in capacity of charted accountant to be at home for her young kids. She took further training in energy healing and graduated from the 8th Fire School of Shamanism (Medicine Work) training. Finally, her company Breath Out was born and she started seeing clients to facilitate their healing journeys. Oksana also does Akashic Records session.

Oksana is passionate about helping people overcome limitations that they have often imposed on themselves and help them open up to the possibilities that are all around. No one knows what impact their existence on this planet can have, unless they look deep within, work with their fears, forgive themselves and others and take action towards their dreams. She believes that everyone comes here with a gift, but not everyone uses it. In her experience, tapping and energy work can be very efficient tools in expanding our lives and stepping out of our comfort zone. You can find more information about her work http://www.breatheout.ca/.

Oksana is available for sessions Fridays between 10am and 6pm.


To book an appointment with Oksana please call Planet Botanix at (613) 567-4444