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Raju Kallumkal - Touch-based Energy Healing

Healing to Recover Lost Time And Energy

Use our holistic healing expertise to recover your health and choose what you do with your recovered time and health after that.

We solve all kinds of health issues you face - except broken bones, physical deformities or tears from accidents, and mental health issues. Ask at the counter, or check our brochure or the website healerstouch.ca for more details on this. Sudden onsets of pain (regardless of how much or where) are good candidates for our work.
At Healer's Touch - we don't ask any questions regarding your personal thoughts or emotions, unless we are trying to heal something with a psychological component for you. We also don't require that you take any medications or be aware of any side-effects - though, we encourage you to get appropriate medical care for any situation.
We do assessments from 2 to 45 minutes for the initial assessment fee, including an integrated healing session, depending on your issue - after which we will give you a rundown of your situation - you can choose from various options to get bundled healing hours or 1/2 hour at a time. Our patients remain fully clothed.

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Fridays 6pm-9pm

To Book: 613-262-9168

A Customer Quote:
"I am a health care worker and was a stage 4 cancer patient and when I was referred to Raju for healing, he opted to help me with my biggest issue: the back pain. I had seen several doctors and I didn't wish to go through the chemo and medication regime that was normally given out. Nothing prepared me for the considerable relief I got from my back pain with this holistic healer - for just 45 minutes work outside the assessment. Thank you Raju!"