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Renee Osbourne - Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine


Renee Osborne R.TCMP, R.Ac CTCMPAO brings over 20 years’ experience from

the medical field with her to her current acupuncture practice. With a background

in nursing, massage therapy, and cosmetology - Renee has a well-rounded
approach to health and healing.

Ms. Osborne studied TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for 5 years full time in
Victoria, BC at one of the oldest, most prestigious schools for Oriental Medicine in
the Country. The program covered in-depth philosophy, history, theory,
differentiation, treatment principle and many specialty areas of study.

In particular; woman’s reproductive health/fertility, pain management/resolution,
trauma interrupted healing, detoxification, addictions, mental health, emotional
imbalances, cosmetic applications of acupuncture, autoimmune disorders, post
stroke treatment, pediatric disorders and treatment, herbology/ formulas,
moxibustion, food therapy/ energetics of food, Gua Sha, cupping, NADA, Zhong
Fu, Korean 4 needle technique and Five Elements treatment – which focus’ on the
energetic balance between organ systems as well as the role emotions, nutrition,
climate and other factors play in our health.

Ms. Osborne is passionate about sharing her knowledge and insights as well as
self care and living our best lives in a healthy and balanced way.


Renee is on sabbatical until further notice