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Planet Botanix is one of Ottawa's leading source for all things crystals and gemstones.  Crystals are designed to balance the body using their healing properties. For thousands of years, people have used the power of crystals to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages, thereby improving the flow of energy throughout the body. On a cellular level, our bodies are made up of mineral silicon-dioxide. Because of this, we are naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystals as they transmit, reflect, store light and receive energy. When crystals are placed directly on our body, they have a powerful vibratory effect that surges from the crystal to you. At the store, we carry a large variety of crystals, crystal inspired jewelry and ornamental pieces. Our staff is quite knowledgeable on crystals. Custom orders and special requests are welcome. Come see what Planet Botanix has to offer!

The Benefits Of Healing Crystals And Stones - Ottawa

The healing properties of crystals and stones have been known and used for hundreds of years. The formation of crystals is such that it releases blockages at the physical, spiritual and mental levels. The flow of energy throughout the body is enhanced. The power of healing crystals and stones is due to the composition of cellular material in the human body. The presence of mineral silicon-dioxide serves as a receptor to the vibrations of crystals and their ability to transmit, reflect, store light and receive energy.


Crystals are composed of orderly perfection in structure. They are formed in a way that is similar to building blocks. The atomic structure is repetitive. The stones are formed deep within the earth and require both heat and pressure which cause the atomic structure and the molecules to form in ways that are called crystalline encoding. Each of the molecules take on a stable form that repeats until the crystal form is completed.

Healing is believed to occur when the perfectly structured and aligned stones are placed directly on the body. Both the crystals and the body are composed of energy. The vibrational interaction between the stones and the cells, gradually comes into alignment through the reflection of energy from the stones back to the cells. In a sense, the body takes lessons from the energy alignment of the crystal. Imperfections in the energy flow are subtly repaired.

Beyond healing of a spiritual, physical and mental nature from a crystal stone, the energy within a stone can realign and direct the energy flow from plants, the environment or animals. Placing a crystal won't replace traditional medicine. It is meant to be used in conjunction with a directed and holistic medical pathway.


The various types of crystals each have a distinct vibration. The arrangement of the patterns are dependent upon the location where the stone was found, the way in which it was formed and the methods used to harvest it. It is important to understand that the power of the crystal comes from a redirection of the user's energy to be reflected back from the stone.

The stone may be used in the raw or rough state, or may be tumbled so that it is smooth. Some of the natural shapes include clusters, geodes, chunks of massive crystal structures or terminated points. Some pieces are both cut and polished and also are available in a multitude of shapes. These shapes include spheres, animals, tetrahedrons, octahedrons, icosahedrons, worry and palm stones. You can also choose free form, merkabahs, dodecahedrons, cubes, pyramids or generators.

While a crystal in its natural state is very powerful and typically can get the job done quickly, it might be too much for some users, especially if they are new to the practice of crystal healing. Polished pieces may be more suitable for new users. The flow of energy is gentle and even, coming from the center of the stone outward.

Although the concept of healing through the reflected energy of a crystal is not well-known in the Western world, but elsewhere it is more commonplace. Throughout history, it has been practiced in many cultures and ages. The practice of crystal healing was known in cultures ranging from the Mayans, Tibetans, Hebrews, Native American and Chinese, as well as others.

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