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Wellness Clinic Schedule

Wellness Clinic Schedule

Upon arrival for your session, please feel free to browse our retail space or hang your coat up and take a seat on the waiting benches provided. All appointments take place in a peaceful, private space, and slippers are provided in case of bad weather or snow.


6pm - 9pm Julie Larochelle Reiki, Tarot, Mediumship
6pm - 9pm Mark Joly Psychic Readings
6pm - 9pm
Raju Touch-Based Energy Healing


Saturday (Event)

1:30pm - 2:30pm   Anne   December with the Fairies


By appointment only: 

Helena Van El  -  Astrology and Tarot

Krista Dunlop  -  Psychic/Mediumship, Akashic Records and Reiki - Contact - 

(613) 612-5028 

Heather Garrod - IHM, Reiki, Reflexology 

Lucien Charron - Intuitive Reading, Tarot

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