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Helping You Along Your Path

Our kind and knowledgeable leadership team is available in-store, over-the-phone or through email. We love answering your questions and helping you understand the store, its services and our products better. Please feel free to contact us whenever you are in need of assistance - we're always available to help.

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Heather Garrod - Owner

Heather is a Certified Aromatherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner (Reflexology coming soon). She creates the artisan soaps, lotions and other body care supplies. She opened her store Planet Botanix in 2005 to provide a safe and welcoming space for those looking to explore alternative healing and holistic health. Originally located in the Glebe, Heather has now expanded her store into its current Centretown location. A proud mom, avid dog lover, yoga enthusiast and holistic health care advocate, Heather continues to work with clients and customers in order to achieve mutual health and wellness.

Lucien Charron - Manager of Awesomeness

Artist by trade, Lucien's interests vary from the spiritual  to the esoteric. His passion is to aid those in need of healing, whether that be through mindfulness or the arts. He uses his Reiki practice to assist people in finding particular crystals. A crystal enthusiast, Lucien is also studying sacred geometry and the esoteric. 

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Erin - Sales Therapist Extraordinaire 

Writer, gamer, dreamer. Erin studies various aspects of spirituality, leaning towards the Wiccan side of things. She follows the lunar calendar, studies tarot and crystals, and has candle for most occasions - but most of all, Erin has a book addiction. She love aiding people to find their centre and peace along their life’s story. If you need book recommendations, odds are Erin will leave you with a list of them

Shawnee - Sales Therapist Extraordinaire 

Shawnee is passionate about helping others on their spiritual journeys. She is enthusiastic about using crystal energies to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Shawnee also avidly practises meditation to further her own spiritual practise. She loves conversing with others about all things esoteric; from picking out your first tarot deck to what crystals would work best for you personally, she loves to provide insight and advice in whatever endeavours you may be pursuing.

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Victoria - Sales Therapist Extraordinaire 

With a boundless curiosity and an open mind, Victoria is a writer and aspiring spiritual practitioner. The road to self-love and authenticity can be found through crystals, tarot, good vibes and well-needed shadow work. She has a deep love and interest for mythology and theology, as well as beginning her personal studies in Rootwork. She's always happy to listen and give advice to anyone who is going along their spiritual journey."

Willow - Executive K-9 Support

Willow is our personal greeter and receiver of pats. She has a double major in human relations and cuteness. Willow is in store Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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