Space Rental

for Holistic Practitioners


Whether you're a Reiki practitioner, Tarot reader, registered massage therapist or medium, we welcome your practice. Planet Botanix offers a welcoming space for you to meet with clients in a convenient central location.

 Therapy Room Rental

We have three rooms available for practitioners to rent: The Sienna Room, The Amethyst Room and the Sage Room. Each comes with a massage table, CD player, fountain, electrical plugs, a small table, and chairs.

At Planet Botanix we do our best to ensure that you and your clients enjoy a peaceful and quiet atmosphere during treatments; our Wellness Clinic is situated in the back of the shop reducing traffic and noise. Your clients are welcomed to rest on the waiting benches provided up to 15 minutes before session start time, and a gender neutral bathroom is available for client use.


Workshop Space Rental

Planet Botanix has a workshop space with approximately 25 seating room capacity to host workshops and events. The space is situated in the back of the shop, helping to maintain a quite and relaxing atmosphere; the galley doors separating the front shop from the back may be closed during workshops to provide extra privacy.

This space is furnished with a number of cushions and yoga mats, and folding tables and chairs are available should you need them. Electrical outlets are also accessible for use.


If you are a practitioner interested in offering holistic therapies at our Wellness clinic, or a community minded individual looking to host wellness-related events, please email Heather Garrod at .