Erica - Reflexology, Energy Work


Erica had a passionate desire to heal people from a holistic perspective. Her connection with nature has inspired a well-rounded practice that focuses on addressing the root cause of issues. Her aspiration is a healthy lifestyle and helping those around her. 

She specializes in, and offers, reflexology, energy work and Gua sha therapy. Erica has an aptitude for connecting on a higher level with her clients that facilitates  the path to healing.



Erica is grounded in the holistic approach of mind, body and spirit in her healing work. I have benefitted in so many ways from reflexology sessions with her. Physical symptoms connected with digestion and joint pain improved and negative thought patterns lessened. At the start of each session, a feeling of calm relaxation and openness would pervade my body and last for hours. I also felt more energized and balanced. Erica has natural healing abilities and a caring, nurturing attitude.

-Cathy B.

Erica will be available on Sundays

To Contact:
Phone: 613-804-7279