Helena van El - Astrology, Tarot and Magick

Astrology and Tarot readings with Helena van El will deepen your insight and help you gain clarity and understanding in any situation.

The Mystery realms are Helena’s life-long passion, having been a student and practitioner from a young age. She has a particular affinity for planetary and astrological magick, and has been a certified, professional Astrologer for over 20 years. She teaches and presents on esoteric themes, and is an author with Anathema Publishing. Helena brings a deep compassion and understanding of the human condition to her work with her Astrology and Tarot clients. 

Helena holds a BA in Religious Studies and an MA in Human Systems Intervention. She has certifications in Trauma Counselling and in Mental Health Counselling Skills. 

Helena lives and works in her forest sanctuary known as Allhallows in Ontario, Canada, on unceded Algonquin Anishinaabeg traditional territory, in the good company of various fauna and non-material beings. Her website is www.helenavanel.com.

Helena Practises at a Distance

To Inquire visit : helenavanel.com