Pam - Astrology, Reiki, Tarot and Sound Healing

My name is Pamela (but please call me Pam!) 

I’m so glad our paths our crossing. Through my services, my goal is to support you go deeper within and find answers to support your Soul’s journey

I’ve been an intuitive tarot reader for over 5 years now and as I’ve grown personally and spiritually, so have my practices. I currently offer tarot readings, astrology readings, reiki and sound healing sessions to hold space for you to relax and tend to your physical, spiritual and emotional needs by safely accessing and connecting with your highest self. I aim to foster a supportive environment that promotes your healing using ethical and person-centered practices to ground my work. 

In my community I wear many hats and through those hats, I've seen how feeling supported on one's journey leads to personal enlightenments and is a great source of strength and faith to move forward despite fears. Everyone in their unique way is on a path to healing, becoming the best version of themselves and finding their soul and life's purpose; Despite motivation and desire, barriers exist-life gets busy, and information can be at times overwhelming.

Maybe you’ve just started on your journey, are curious or have been on a path of self-discovery for a while; Maybe you feel stagnant on your path and are looking for new ways to connect- wherever you may be, I want to meet you there! 

If you’re drawn to my energy, please feel free to reach out to schedule a session via e-mail! I offer virtual and in person appointments as well as private and community events. 

I look forward to supporting you  

Pam is Available for Sessions Saturdays From 10am-6pm


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