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Usui Reiki Training sessions provided by Julie Larochelle Usui Reiki Master (certified Reiki practitioner and teacher)

1st degree – February 2024

2nd degree – April 2024

Reiki is a tool to help yourself and others, it’s available to everyone.  

My name is Julie and I am one of the talented practitioners at Planet Botanix.  Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet wonderful people from all walks of life in providing Reiki healing, Medium and Tarot card reading services.  Reiki is an energy healing process that focuses on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.  It is an ancient hand healing technique used to restore a more balanced and grounded energy flow through out your body which promotes healing. I would like to share this beautiful gift for yourself and others to bring peace, relaxation, and well being.  Reiki captivated me many years ago and decided to follow my heart and pursue my passion of inner healing for myself.   

Julie Larochelle Usui Reiki Master (certified reiki practitioner and teacher)

I am available at Planet Botanix on Friday evenings between 6 to 9 for reiki and reading services.

For 1st degree training sessions in February 17th will take place in 1 day from 11am-5pm

I can be contacted for either or at or by phone or text at 613-296-7369.

Through Planet Botanix at or phone at 613-567-4444