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Back to work...or play?!!

And now for something completely different, I thought I would share some of the fun DIY recipes we have been sharing on social media. These recipes are all natural and pretty simple!
Curls and coffee hair pomade50 mL roasted coffee butter50mL castor oil10mL jojoba oil20 drops total essential oil of your choice (we love peppermint for a pick me up, or bergamot for a fresh citrus scent)
Melt butter and oils in a double boiler (gentle heat). Remove from heat and add essential oils. Keep in clean, sterile jar. Refrigerate if necessary to obtain solidity.Apply from hair root to tip, especially at ends.
Green Coffee Eye Treatment
Ingredients125mL Green coffee butter2 tbsp. Hazelnut oil10 drops rose hip oil10 drops rosemary essential oil10 drops frankincense essential oilInstructionsBlend butter and oils in double boiler over low heat until liquid. Remove from heat and add essential oils. Package in sterile glass jar.Apply around eyes (avoid eyeball) as needed
Love Potion Number 9Small rose quartz120mLrose hydrosol10 drops each essential oils of geranium, amyris and mandarinvegetable glycerine
Blend essential oils and glycerine in bottom of sterile glass spritzer bottle. Add rose quartz and top up with rose hydrosol. Leave under full moon for best effect.
Nourish me Face MaskChia seed extractmuttani miti clayhydrosol of your choice (we love neroli, immortelle and ylang ylang for this project)
Blend dry ingredients and add hydrosol until moist  enough to form a ball. Spread evenly over face and let harde, 10-15 minutes. Gently remove with warm water and moisturize as usual.
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