Reiki Master, Channeller

Reiki Master | Registered Nurse BScN

I am Tracy, a Reiki Master and Reiki Karuna Master, as well as the founder of The Reiki Wellness Plan®.

Available for Sessions at Planet Botanix Fridays 6pm-9pm

About Me

I knew since I was 12 years old that I wanted to help people. I graduated high school at 16 years old with a quest for knowledge in health and how I'm able to help others. After graduating as a Registered Nurse, I then moved to Northern Ontario (in the aboriginal community) where I nursed for a few years. I then moved back home where I upgraded my education and specialized in peri-operative Nursing/ Operating Room. I took a break from nursing when I found my body was getting more and more sick... or burned out.

​As a result, my quest to learn more alternative health options began more intensely and I started to learn more about energy healing. Ive always been fascinated in the energies around us and how we are able use it to heal ourselves and others. I found a Reiki  Master who used Reiki on me for 4 months (went weekly sessions) and I was a changed woman. Reiki helped aid me of my health issues immensely. My mind was blown with amazement and I was eager to learn more. I got my Reiki 1& 2 and I started to use Reiki on my myself and family and friends. I felt guided after months of practicing to obtain my Masters. I believe the Higher Divine wanted me to help the world and make it a better place by giving and teaching reiki to others.

​I believe every soul has a purpose and the ability to heal themselves if they truly desire and commit to it. I'm here to help you on your path towards healing, self-empowerment, and self-love. My inspiration comes from meditation, God, Angels, higher vibrational energies, nature, books, people, and my quest of never ending continuation of learning.  

Love is Reiki

 Single session Reiki appointments. Each session includes a ceremonial cacao drink, sound healing, and a one-hour Reiki session—an experience you simply must try! During these sessions, I will guide you through deep breathwork and intentional healing, whether it be for releasing or manifesting.

To book your session, please visit or feel free to contact me via email if you have any questions or require further assistance.

The Reiki Wellness Plan®

The Reiki Wellness Plan ®  is aimed for individuals who need to receive multiple healing sessions during the month. Clients who are suffering from health issues (mental or physical) need multiple reiki sessions in order to help alleviate their symptoms and to achieve overall energy balance in their body.