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In Search of The Elusive Tea Tree

One would imagine that the tea tree plant, indigenous to Australia, would be easily spotted while on a visit to…...Australia. I recently discovered this is not the case. In my mind, I had thought I would be meditating in eucalyptus forests and discovering groves of the tea tree shrub almost immediately. My research had turned up some plantations/essential oil distillers in the areas I was visiting, but the contacts were less than enthusiastic about my visiting behind the scenes or writing about their businesses. We did locate one tea tree distiller while in Byron Bay, but could only see the plants at a distance.

I was keen to see these particular plants because, as an aromatherapist, I have worked with the essential oils distilled from tea tree, lemon tea tree (a different species) and four kinds of eucalyptus, and I was curious to see where the oils originated.

I am fond of both oils because of their many wonderful properties, ease of availability, and low cost compared to some other plants, which do not yield their essential oil easily or prolifically.

Tea tree is known for its antibacterial properties, but did you know that it is a wonderful wound healer?! Eucalyptus is a wonderful oil to use to relieve congestion and calm the spirit. Lemon-scented oils like eucalyptus citriodora can be used to help ward off mosquitoes.

Both eucalyptus and tea tree are also immune-boosting. Perfect additions to any medicine cabinet!

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