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Life Shifting


Getting on the plane in Ottawa, I knew I was starting not just the first leg of my journey to visit my son in Melbourne, but also the first leg of my new life. I was feeling anything but excitement: nervous, fearful, under confident...the way one feels when shifting anything of major consequence, stepping way out of my comfort zone.

My thoughts were of all possible things that could go wrong: missed connections, lost luggage, forgetting things on plane (note to self: none of it happened). All these thoughts and worries despite the fact that I have been practising letting go of them for many years. Interesting.

I have a month to my self. A month to sit quietly, or explore new surroundings, maybe connect with nature. A month to go inside or find an adventure. A month of freedom.

I started journaling a day or two into my arrival in Melbourne, and what I discovered was that this stuff really works. It doesn’t matter what you start with: one thought leads to another, stirring up what the unconscious is trying to make sense of: exposing ideas and feelings you didn’t even realise you had. And in committing  them to the written page, you release them to be resolved. More freedom! Although I won’t necessarily be journaling every day, I realise it is another practice to add to my tool kit: a reflective guide back to self. And I feel like this is expansion which will permeate my life moving forward once back to Ottawa.

If life is not an adventure, then what is its worth?

I am so grateful for this journey, both outwards and inwards. It is tough, at times, but the payoff is tremendous.

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