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Anne Lafrance - Oracle Reading

Anne Lafrance is a metaphysical nature guide who works collaboratively with nature and the unseen worlds, from the earth and the cosmos. She is a certified intuitive strategist with the Academy of the Soul and has trained as an intuitive medium, animal communicator and Reiki master. She started her journey over 20 years ago and has broadened her skills by taking many classes with various inspiring teachers on a variety of spiritual topics. Her greatest training has been and continues to be with the elementals and nature beings. 

She believes that working with all aspects of nature can bring you into conscious awareness, so you can approach life from the perspective of exploration and celebrate the beauty and magic life has to offer. 

Most people know Anne for her, earth healing, nature photography, elemental intuitive readings and skull healing sessions.  She has written a book “Daily Elemental Messages; A Yearlong Journey with the Elemental Realm”. 

Anne can tap into an array of ways of working with the various universal energies.  Having explored polarity through the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions she can show you how to look between the layers to gain a new perspective.  Anne is excited to assist you on your journey on Saturdays here at Planet Botanix with guidance via a variety of oracle decks. 

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Anne is available for readings on Saturdays