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Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the concentrated, volatile, aromatic oils derived from plants. They can come from the peel (citrus), bark (cinnamon), leaves (basil), roots/rhisome (ginger), flowers (lavender)or resin (myrrh) of the particular plant, Therapeutic grade essential oils contain many of the properties of the plants that they originated from, which gives them properties we can use! Some oils are antibacterial, others are sedative in nature, while still others contain chemicals that can help nurture the skin.

Because they are concentrated, it is important to use these oils in dilution with either a carrier oil (ie almond, olive...) or by dispersal in glycerin or alcohol.

We do not recommend the internal use of essential oils.


An Overview Of Essential Oils - Ottawa

An increasing number of people are studying and learning about the properties of natural products. Many of these are plant products known as essential oils. The oils are organic substances that are extracted from the volatile liquid of many types of plants. The oils assist in supporting the body. They work without side effects. Since they are all-natural, they do not contain chemicals.

The oil that is released is easy and quick to use. It is convenient to carry long and apply periodically during the day. Stored in a bottle, they can be kept in your pocket. They can also be diffused into the air in your home or workplace. It is important to always choose therapeutic grade oils, rather than perfume grade, since the latter can contain chemicals that are not healthy.

The ability of these volatile oil to penetrate the skin and membranes of cells. It only takes a few seconds before the therapeutic benefits are diffused throughout the blood and tissues. Better yet, the substances can cross the blood-brain barrier in order to reach the centers of the brain that are in charge of behavior, emotions and moods. Addressing anger, stress, anxiety or other emotions successfully is accomplished without the utilization of medications or chemicals.

The oxygenating properties of the ingredients are due to their oxygen molecules. Nutrients can be transported to cells that are short on nutrients and oxygen. When the cells do not have sufficient oxygen, they are subject to disease and short on red blood cells. Viruses and bacteria thrive under low oxygen conditions.

Adding the antioxidants through the use of volatile substances also improves the fight against free radicals. The critical substance is antioxidants. These materials lower the likelihood of age-related conditions. They also prevent mutations of cells. The oils are significantly higher than in some of the foods which are documented for their high antioxidant capacity.

If you are looking for pain relief, the ingredients are among the best home remedies. They have been utilized for muscles that are over-used. Even bone fractures or other types of emergencies in humans or animals are relieved without the need for pharmaceuticals or chemicals.

The power of the plant oils extend to hostility against viruses, fungus, bacteria, cancer and parasites. Any other organisms that are dangerous to cells are blocked by many of the natural substances. One blend of ingredients known as "Thieves" has been shown to eliminate almost one hundred percent of airborne bacteria in less than twelve minutes. Several of the plant substances are effective against VRE and MRSA.

Protection against cancer is another proven benefit. Six out of every ten cancers are linked genetically. Certain types of cancers, such as those in the stomach, lungs and breasts are only 27 percent genetically based. Looking at the statistics from another viewpoint, nearly 85 percent of cancer is directly attributable to the choice of lifestyle. Choosing products with evident anti-cancer activity is much better than ignoring the benefits. A significant number of the products (more than sixty) are effective against cancer. Sandalwood, for example, inhibits over 98 percent of breast cancer cells.


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