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Keepers of the Light deck

Keepers of the Light deck

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The Keepers of the Light oracle card deck is a congregation of Ascended Masters and divine beings from many world traditions that are dedicated to the peace, healing, and nurturing of the world. These amazing masters transcend religion and go beyond time – they are here and willing to help all of those who call on them.

This angel oracle card deck balances male and female energies, and includes traditional masters like Lord Buddha and Mother Mary, Earth-based deities like Gaia and Cernunnos, and modern favorites like Sanat Kumara, Lady Venus, and Saint Germain.

Each oracle card is beautifully hand drawn by visionary artist Lily Moses, who paints what she sees from a deep meditative state. The deck’s aim is to help spiritual seekers to develop their intuition, enrich their spiritual practice, and to really start trusting the messages that spirit shares. Every single oracle card offers an opportunity for you to receive a message you need to hear at this point on your spiritual journey.

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