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Magnesium Chloride 200g

Magnesium Chloride 200g

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Magnesium is important in the body’s normal functioning of cells, nerves, muscles, bones and heart; it is commonly used to help relax the body and muscles, and to aide in sleep. Magnesium is highly trans-dermal, meaning that the mineral can be easily absorbed through the skin.

Magnesium chloride (also sometimes called magnesium salt) is used to create a topical magnesium solution that can be applied to the skin directly. Dissolve one part magnesium chloride in one part boiling water, allow the mixture to cool, and then apply to sore muscles. Though this mixture contains no oil, it has an oily texture and appearance, and is sometimes called “Magnesium Oil”.

Some people also find that the topical application of magnesium chloride helps relief psoriasis.

Please note: it is completely normal for raw magnesium chloride crystals to have a “wet” or “oily” appearance.

Larger Sizes available upon request.

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