Marian - RN Psychotherapist

Hi There!

I'm an RN psychotherapist and I specialize in helping new couples to enhance or reclaim the love in their relationships.  Common conflicts include feelings of disconnection, division of chores, unmet expectations,  finances, infidelity, in-laws, feeling unappreciated and parenting.

It turns out that although 'falling in love is easy....staying in love takes finesse!'-  but most of us never learned how. 

I help couples to transform their relationships so that they can experience emotional connection, fulfillment and fun, get the spark back, get their needs met and resolve conflict in a way that is satisfying and avoids drama. Couples choosing to part are supported to do so in a healthy way.

The first task I have in session is to help couples  determine what they are hoping for  for themselves and their relationship. Most couples are very clear about what they don't want, so this provides them with the opportunity to think about what they do want by speaking about, imagining and experiencing their lives as they want them to be going forward. We then explore the strengths that each of them possess that will assist them in achieving the transformation they are looking for. I integrate Solution Focused Couples therapy, the Developmental Model of Couples therapy, positive psychology and mindfulness.

Having been married for 38 years to Dave, I understand the unique challenges of being in a long term couple relationship. While we're having so much joy and fulfillment now, we didn't have a clue about relationship or emotional fitness in the early days. I'm dedicated to helping couples avoid unnecessary suffering and enjoy your life together!Cheers!