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Failsafe - Dr. Ian Prattis

Failsafe - Dr. Ian Prattis

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Ian’s book respects and reflects on Aboriginal Prophesies about the Eighth Fire and care of the Earth Mother. He investigates the spiritual lack in the modern world and proposes sound means to guide the course of humanity. For this he draws on the Wisdom of the Elders. This is a book for our times. It has his experience of Taming the Wild Mind, serving the Earth and the cause of Peace.
Grandfather William Commanda, 97 year old Algonquin Elder, founder of The Circle of All Nations, received the Key to the City of Ottawa

In Failsafe, Ian Prattis once again clearly, passionately and sagely lays out the environmental crisis coursing through the earth, how it is directly linked to actions and inactions of humans, and more importantly, what we can do to set about changing course. Drawing from an immense range of knowledge, concepts, and experiences, he gives us a route for dramatic and far-reaching change. Professor Blair Rutherford, Anthropology, Carleton University, Ottawa

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