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Spirit-Centred Relationships

Spirit-Centred Relationships

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This book shows you a new way to experience more love in your life. If you use the three simple tools described in the book, your relationships will undergo a spiritual transformation. Specifically, you will feel a deeper sense of your own spiritual center, while at the same time seeing the spiritual essence of your partner more clearly. What allows this transformation to take place? It’s the power of Presencing, a new set of relationship-enhancing techniques that enable you to slip free of the shackles of the past into a new space of creative freedom.     Based on work with more than 3,500 couples and 20,000 single and divorced people, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks discovered that relationships flourish when each person develops a body-sense of spirit. This means that each person must get deeper than the level of spiritual concepts to feel a living sense of spirit inside. Using the three specific tools described in the book: Presencing Wonder, Presencing Spirit, and Spirit-Centered Listening, couples feel more love and harmony flowing into their lives, and single people find it much easier to attract genuine love to them

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