Cathi Toner | Reiki Master

Reiki (Rei-Universal Liife Force, Ki-Energy) was brought through by Usui Mikao, of Japan. It is an energy flow that promotes relaxation and stress reduction removing blockages and creating positive flow within and throughout the physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies.

Cathi has been a Reiki Master Practitioner since 2008. She received her training and certification at Infinite Light Healing Studies Centre/Peace Place in Sedona Arizona. Her service work with Reiki began while living in Sedona through facilitating the group Reiki Shares twice a week at Peace Place, personal sessions, and through distant sessions which she continues to facilitate through today.

Cathi began her own deep dive of awakening and Inner work in 1997 and began engaging with Reiki sessions for herself in 2006 with a Reiki Master while living in Calgary.  In 2007 Cathi began noticing very apparent nudges and a strong pull to Sedona, or as she puts it, 'It showed up like a mosquito in a tent'.  Cathi had not considered taking Reiki training until she moved to Sedona when the opportunity aligned and beckoned her in.....When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
Whatever the reason that you are seeking or choose to engage with Reiki to assist yourself with your life journey, trust your feelings and allow them to guide you. It is with deep humble respect I consider it an honour and a privilege to assist, support and serve you. AHO! Namaste

The body is the instrument
The energy is the music
And as a facilitator of Reiki one serves as the amplifier

Cathi is available for distance session by appointment:
Call: 403-667-0260